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Well-known Soviet animated film, "Well, wait a minute! "And now continues to captivate the attention of fans of all domestic. With the old TV screens Oh wait migrated to modern and stylish tablets, powerful computers, and mobile phones. Well, wait a minute games you can download for free right now. The main thing is that the child will be able to choose the option that suits him the most. For example, you can build an exciting New Year's puzzle, in which the wolf-dude, dressed as he considers very fashionable, trying to catch up with the poor hare coward who, through his intelligence and cunning wolf always deceiving. Remember that series, in which the wolf fought with hare-robot, a kind of terminator Soviet era? So, now this series can be replayed. If you play well, wait a minute for free, you will be able to participate in the game Electronics Well Pogolov. Stylized Soviet electronic system kazualka cheer and adults (allow them ponostalgirovat), and children. Coloring is now also migrate their real world to the virtual. In their child will be able to show all his rich imagination, because the coloring is now no need to buy every day. Thanks to computer options, you can remove that have ornamented, and then apply the new color. Therefore, the child will be able to paint their favorite characters - Wolf and the Hare - several times. To the attention of the child and his parents are coloring "In the City", "The house of the young technology," "At the Circus". Exercise their free art, everyone can - it allows you to unwind after a hard day. The game Well, wait 3! The child will have the opportunity to play for his favorite hero: he will have to catch all the eggs that will literally crumble on top. Every unsuccessful action will be accompanied by annoying laughter from the enemy. If you ever experienced in a cartoon for Wolf, now you will be able to help him catch up with Hare and show that the wolf steeper cowards! The game Oh wait catch a wolf chasing a hare on a real sports bike, which is powerful enough to set a world speed record. But the hare is not a fool: he chose the rugged terrain, and so you have a lot of sweat to keep the balance of the bike. All your favorite and expensive is eligible for renewal. That is why in recent games so popular Oh, wait! In which children can develop their bad logic and ingenuity.

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Oh wait flash games online

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