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Games for mobile phones, as a rule, rarely becoming very popular. You can count on one hand the projects that have been converted to the format of " computer ." For example , we can recall the famous Angry Berds, Frut Ninja and of course the subway surfers of which will be discussed in this article. A feature of this seemingly simple little arcade is that she was able to record time to break into the first position in the ranking of games for mobile phones. Of course, computer owners also do not want to stand on the sidelines, and for them the game subway surfers became available in online mode. Especially , this news has pleased fans of so-called " office games" that are not particularly demanding on resources , do not require installation on your computer and you can play right in the workplace . On this page you will easily be able to play this great game online , and , what is more , it is free to download it to your computer or tablet. As we mentioned , after his exit subway surfers with stunning success had spread almost all over the world. However, it is quite natural , because , despite its apparent simplicity and unpretentious , this project was very fun and addictive you from the first minute . So , in subway surfers you will love to play , especially if you're partial to the genre of arcade games. Indeed, in recent times out hundreds of kinds of shooters , RPG and simulation , but amid all this splendor of classic arcade genre fades and passing away. Developers subway surfers online apparently also guided by this principle , and they have tried to bring to your child , such as dynamic arcade quality , ease of operation and memorable characters . So, what is the essence of the gameplay subway surfers? In it you will manage a teenager who loves to make a row and , as a result, constantly getting into trouble . After trying at least once a subway surfers play online , you will realize that its essence lies entirely in the dynamic and exciting pursuits . And, as you might guess, will chase it for your character . The young offender will try to stop the police and you have to show the wonders of skill and cunning , so as not to be behind bars . During the game you happen to run a lot on the urban jungle , and will act as barriers cars, trams and pedestrians -track . So you just have to go to our website and choose the game mode , which is to your taste .

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