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Famous brothers Strugatsky and think even could not imagine that the main characters of the famous work entitled "Roadside Picnic", will be perceived by the current generation is not the way it was meant to be seen. Because opening a computer game about stalkers, so called seekers additional earnings in the alternative history of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, about the first meaning of the term within the meaning of the above authors, and somehow forgotten. The current generation prefers something more computer game book, although it is certainly in our time is not surprising. Though the game's developers were able to put a lot of toys basis points from the book, but with the creation of the Strugatsky total almost nothing. From here and the meaning of stalker-fest is a fun-filled holiday disguised gamers, not literature festival. The virtual world game Stalker tells us about some mysterious zone, which is located around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, in which there are various unusual and strange events. The main character will have to fight with different groups (soldiers of the regular army, the bandits, the group Freedom and debt) in order to get to the reactor. According to legend of the game, it is in the reactor is a creature that is able to perform different desires. It was at the very last stage of the main player will wait for the most difficult test, which is an unnatural temptation. And as far as the right to decide the player to go through to get rich quickly or get to another embodiment of the reactor through the game, and will depend on the player's life and the fate of the entire Zone as a whole. Such a plot of the game is not like the original version of the novel by the Strugatsky brothers. As in the literature, every day there are new stories, something similar to the main creature famous brothers, and in the virtual world every time there are new and abridged version of the game. In Stalker play online for free today already possible in two-dimensional toys that are based on modern technology flash. And maybe start a game without installing it on your local computer. Running game takes place immediately after any convenient browser. And the free versions of these games, and today it is possible to find on the Internet. Of course the game is not intended Stalker for small children, but the adult man can perfectly spend their leisure time more fun entertainment.

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Flash games online stalker

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