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Shooters can rightly be attributed to the category of undying classics. Now it is difficult to talk about what kind of game genre was the first, but the game - shooter known to us for several decades. What attracts people willing to spend hours behind the monitor , cut through hordes of enemies and collect numerous bonuses? The fact that the great shooters promote relaxation and at the same time tightening its dynamic gameplay. In contrast to the same puzzle , so beloved by office workers in shooters you will not have any Minutka free time trying to stop, think and drink coffee. A distinctive feature of this genre is that it you almost do not have to think , because all built exclusively on the reflexes and speed of reaction. Of course , your opponents will not stand still, so to think on the field of battle should be very fast. If we talk about the plot of any average shooter , it is either absent altogether or present only a formality . So if you love the games twisted plot lines and interesting conversations , we advise you to pay attention to the quests or RPG, as the game shooters can not boast of neither the one nor the other. Instead, they usually have a huge collection of weapons , confusing and dangerous locations , as well as the most diverse crowd of opponents. Although the shooter may well be fun and exciting, which is only cartoon zombie shooting or hunting for ducks. If you belong to the older age categories of users and nostalgic for the days when a shooter could only play on consoles , then for you we have allocated an independent category, which combines the best representatives of the genre . In them you can immerse yourself in the days of the wild west , to feel like a hero fighter , wade through crowds of alien invaders , a brave hunter and protector of the medieval castle. Most of these games are designed for older audiences , but we have not paid attention to the youngest gamers. For them, we will always be bright and colorful shooter , in which even the most strict parent does not detect a hint of violence and cruelty. After participating in these games only cartoon characters , as well as a formidable weapon in the course are apples , cushions , balls and other harmless things . So you can only choose a shooter to taste and you're ready for an exciting battles . Note that all our toys are completely free , so you can even try our entire product range, and it will demand from you is not a dime of cash investments.

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