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The king and god of the corridor in front of the chief's office, proudly referred to as the receiver - it's a secretary. She is the most indispensable man in the company, without a good chief secretary as without hands, and can not take a step. She knows everything about everyone, not only to his team, but also the competition. The present secretary has the abilities of Julius Caesar - do a bunch of things at once: talking on the phone, to evaluate penetrating gaze of visitors, fill out some forms, photocopies documents, receive faxes, answering e-mails and much more. In this case, the secretary has to look perfect, it is equal to the whole team - it is the face of the company. Girls, you still want to be a secretary? Then play the game for girls secretary and gain experience. Of course, you do not have to take courses online secretaries, but you will learn the secrets of many office: in the endless cycle of secretarial affairs may take a moment for themselves and their appearance than can be boredom in the office. And those office workers who are already working in this difficult field, can distract from the hard work and a bit of fun games to entertain themselves. Let's start with the look. To do this, we need to Dress Up a secretary. Comb through your entire wardrobe and choose the best things to not break the dress code of the company, but at the same time look attractive and stylish. We collect all necessary and go to the office at the workplace. You stood out free time and the boss does not flickers before his eyes? Instantly grab the powder, lipstick, eye shadow, and other amenities, and a quick, yet no one sees, apply evening make-up to go to work immediately on a date. There will have to try, because a strict boss can appear at any moment. Take your time and when you see it, pretend that you are working with. Your beloved works in the same office? Then do not waste time, run to him and hide somewhere in the corner to break the hot kiss. Kissing in the office - quite risky, if the boss notices, you could face even dismissal, so be extra careful, but what adrenaline is waiting for you! And if your boss is too harmful, it can always be taught a lesson, by pouring tea into some bad things, but again, the same way that he had not seen and could not bring you to justice. While playing, you'll learn which jokes and jokes expect a pretty secretary. In every team there is a prankster who is not averse to put a button on a chair or a spider in coffee. Play and relax with our games.

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Flash games online secretary

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