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A dozen years ago, more precisely in 2003, a young student of the Prague Academy of Arts Jakub Dvorsky presented to the teachers of his thesis work, a computer game "Samorost". Pundits react to it very cautiously, but not so on the many fans that have appeared on the limitless expanse of the Internet, once able to try out this toy. Samorost bribed all its ordinary and at the same time deep. Little dwarf, showing miracles of ingenuity, leads his friends through the forest maze, avoiding traps and dangerous enemies. All you need non-standard approach to problem solving to budge. Then quests only began to emerge, and the players were a novelty to solve logic puzzles, forcing the hero to do certain steps to get to the finish line. Continuation of the game were looking forward to and waiting paid off. The same funny gnomes, masterfully designed puzzles, chain problems, leading to a goal, and all this under unusual music on the background and detailed graphics. Now our hero saves the world from nowhere who took the asteroid. It is sent directly to the asteroid in the bank-rocket out of canned sausages and decides to find out what was happening on the spot. You have to smash his head to a little hero was able to adequately get out of rework. Again, the tasks carried out in unusual ways. Use mouse to click on objects to activate the mechanisms and beings that they committed acts, and our hero was able to save his own little planet from destruction. No wonder that after these two little masterpieces of the players were looking forward to the new extension. Third Samorost appeared, but the players were disappointed. This game is a little different from the previous ones, in general, this is the one same quest but with a few new additions. Zamora 3 will play again with the little gnome, who will be traveling, flying in a balloon flying from one island to another. Unlike previous games in this - a lot of dialogue, which must correctly answer the question to move on. By the way, the Czech developers have started a new project called Machinarium, it is no less interesting, with original graphics and complex plot. If you're a fan of Zamora and enjoy these games on our site you'll find a variety of quests in the style of the first and second parts of Zamora. Many of them are no worse than the original and will please fans of the smash his head on a worthy goal.

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