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Games of this kind has long been recognized as a classic and always in a lot of presents for every self-respecting gaming website. They, along with the "Klondike", became a truly iconic games bored 'office hamsters' shirk when the boss is not around. It is not hard to guess what it is about 3 games in a row online that, despite all the apparent diversity, united by the same old as the world, the idea of ​​the game - gather on the field three identical items in a row and you will be happy. First, even it is not clear what is the secret of their fantastic popularity among knowledge workers, because the gameplay is pretty simple and does not require the player to specific intellectual abilities and logical tweaks. But, after playing these games for a while, you realize that all of this action with something akin to meditation or prayer beads monotonous shuffling - it relieves stress and calms the nerves. , Allowing you to relax and rest your brain overloaded. Despite the huge range of games, they all look like identical twins. Their meaning is reduced to building a series of three or more identical items, and here too fancy developers just do not have borders. You are offered to collect gems, candy, fruit, ladybugs, skulls, pearls, aliens of different species, and so on ad infinitum. For a particularly successful combination creators of the game will reward you with all sorts of bonuses - extra points, superbowl, optical sight, bombs or temporal freezing. They help you to stay longer in the game, which is usually done at the time. Gradually, the speed increases the appearance of new objects, their number increases, which increases the complexity and play levels, typically ends. 3 online game in a row thanks to his fascination will help you pass the time while waiting for an important call, escape during a boring journey on public transport, to relax in the evening after a busy day. But these games are interesting not only to adult players, developers have taken care of that in three games in a row it was fun to play with the children. Specially created for them less complicated in the passing game with fun gameplay storyline. Younger gamers to offer help Santa Claus dress colored toys Christmas tree, collect the runaway on the playing field or sort of charming kittens candy in a candy store. The best game in the genre of 3 in a series collected at our site, you can only choose the most appropriate one.

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