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Without looking at what is today the market of computer games online there is quite a large number of exciting new format, the ranks of fans of classic shooter in all its variations are in no hurry to thin. Someone who likes to just shoot and therefore with great interest the download new toys of this type. And if you notice the word "shooter", such a game is downloaded instantly, without much study. And someone is unchanged fan of one of the classic series of games of this type. An example of such games may be a toy Legion. By the same applies Shooting game "Medal of Honor", which immediately caught the attention after the release of quite a lot of players around the world. In the very first scene of the game developers to use all of the events and the realistic atmosphere of the Second World War. And in the latest version of the game, all the action moved to the epicenter of the military conflict known to all, not by hearsay, Afghanistan. It should immediately be noted that the strict story of this toy is not. "Medal of Honor" is simply a world war, and quite illogical and does not have a clearly defined purpose. In the game you need to get out of the trap, you have to throw your party on the other side of the country, to save his comrades - all of these quests do not own any logical connection between them. But there is one thing that can integrate all these parts of the game, it's more your character is shot by the enemy, the cooler it becomes. But the number of enemies in this toy enough. Moreover, such a huge number of enemies deprives this game realism. Although fans of this genre of games just waiting for this. They do not care who to shoot, the main thing to blow off steam during firing. The more enemies, the better for such a gamer. Oh, and there is not only possible to shoot with rifles, but also from the real machine gun. Accordingly, the impact of the latter is much higher. And the most realistic combat in this game is not important and does not affect the dynamism and excitement of the entertainment. And no one from the developers and does not require recovery of real events. Only then used real weapons, landscapes and people of the earth. There are no blasters, aliens and spaceships. Play online Medal of Honor is possible without any monetary investment. It's enough to just load the game in a browser. But as there is a special version of the boot application that allows you to see better graphics and feel the whole fight, as in reality.

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